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AKC Registered

Every dog we breed is registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) which allows you to track the bloodline of our dogs, and helps us guarantee that your future forever companion will live a healthy life!

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Paw Print Genetics

Ours dogs also go through Paw Print Genetics, which shows the parents health history and their roots. On the report will be health tests they've gone through, their birth date and microchip number!

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Upcoming Litter

Our next upcoming litter arrives in October and will have Zeus and Magnolia Mae as parents, the litter will be potty trained starting at 3 weeks old and raised inside until 4 weeks old where they are then transitioned to an outside kennel with climate control and outside turf where they adapt to outside noises. During their time they are also socialized everyday with family, young & old. Every puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee, and no shelter policy, all puppies will also be microchipped!

Dam Labrador


Remington is an outside English Labrador stud, he lives in Gates, NC and is trained in field. He also knows when to turn it off and relax when the time comes.

Dam Labrador

Magnolia Mae

Magnolia Mae 'Maggie' is the daughter of retired Diamond Jones Droze, she is bred from a champion showline pedigree and hunting pedigree on sire side. She is a very active girl and turns off when it's time to relax. She whelps black/yellow pups.

November Litter

Sire Labrador


Dam Labrador


December Litter