Price of Puppies

All puppies are $1000.00 with no breeding rights.
Reservations for puppies require a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 and are required when pregnancy is confirmed,
and a deposit is the only way we can guarantee a reservation for a puppy. Deposits can be made in person, or through Venmo & PayPal.
Any questions, feel free to contact us!.

AKC Registration

Having a dog registered with the American Kennel Club is more than just having a dog registered within their database. The AKC provides valuable information on the dogs health history and supply information on how to care for your Labrador. The AKC advocates for healthy dogs, and has resources from tips on traveling with your furry friend, to what kind of nutritrion your labrador should be receiving. By having a dog registered with them you are supporting a standard for canine health and awareness.

PawPrint Genetics

Paw Print Genetics is an organization that helps us keep our dog standard high by allowing us to screen for carriers of known diseases or health concerns that could cause issues for dogs, with Paw Print Genetics we are able to guarantee our labradors are free from common diseases that could be detrimental and harmful to labrador, and allows us to better care for your future companion!

Our Promise

At Droze Millpond Labradors, we take great pride in our labrador puppies and understand how important a dog can be to a family. That is why we ensure our puppies have the best care starting with our temperture controlled kennel with outdoor turf area. Having this outdoor area allows the dogs to naturally acclimate to outdoor sounds, and to release all the puppy energy resulting in healthy habits of excercise for our labradors.
We also regularly have our labradors screened by local vets to ensure our dogs are at peak health not only to give them the best possible life, but to also protect future bloodlines.